• We are working...
    77.000m2 Open Area
    45.000m2 Working Area
  • Accumulation...
    With 50 Years of Experience
    Nevsac Working
  • We are proud ...
    Producing a Passion
    We Produce for Turkey
  • Dynamic Structure ...
    Young Management Team
    Success from generation to generation


We are proud... We produce for Turkey.

Our company has been established on Nevşehir special industrial zone. İt is using 77.000m2 covered area and 45.000 m2 open area and since then we have been following the technology closely and continuing to produce and invest in quality products and services.

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100 percent domestic raw material, 100 percent domestic machine park, 100 percent domestic production ...

Scaffolding and Greenhouse Pipes

Scaffolding pipes are industrial pipes used for building scaffolding, made from materials suitable for the tests that scaffolds must pass through.

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Industrial Pipes and Profiles

Industrial pipes and profiles are used in fields such as building elements, construction, machinery and agriculture, mainly as a field of application.

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Precision Pipes and Profiles

Industrial pipes and profiles are another name for precision pipes automotive - white goods - furniture - steel goods - are often used in the industry. It can be produced in oval and similar shapes in the direction of customer demands.

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Steel Construction Pİpes and Profiles

Steel construction pipes and profiles are used predominantly in the construction of residential and industrial buildings, in airport and stat roof systems, in the production of machinery and agricultural equipments, in all areas where steel constructions are used.

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Produce a passion

Our company is an iron and steel supplier to the iron and steel sector with the production of longitudinal welded (ERW) steel pipes from 13mm up to 219mm and steel service centers up to 0.70mm den 20.00mm.

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